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What is Touch?


What if you had a blueprint for delivering the veterinary care and services your clients most desire?

You’ve come to the right place: The AAEP has talked to your clients – more than 6,000 horse owners, trainers, breeders and farm managers in the United States – to uncover the attributes they most desire in their equine veterinarian and the healthcare services they most value for their horses.

Your blueprint is Touch: Tools to Connect to Your Clients and Their Horses.

AAEP Touch provides exclusive client insights not available elsewhere, exclusively for AAEP members.

Touch will help you:

  • Deliver the Healing Touch to your patients.
  • Get in Touch with your clients to form long-term relationships.
  • Use Touch Points to deliver the care they value.

Touch will boost your success by helping you understand your clients better than you already do.

Explore the Top 10 lessons. Download the client education tools. Watch the examination and discipline videos. Uncover the important pieces of research that will change the way you practice veterinary medicine.

It's all here at

AAEP Presents Touch: 
Tools to Connect to Your Clients and Their Horses